Milk: It Does a Body Good


Maybe I don’t watch enough TV these days or maybe I’m just not watching the “right” shows but as a kid I remember there being a lot of advertisements for non-descript food products as well as a lot more public service announcements.  Beef: It’s what’s for dinner!  Pork: The other white meat.  But the one I recall the most vividly would be the campaign encouraging young people to drink milk because it will turn them into bodybuilder models or well endowed bikini babes practically overnight.  The slogan was Milk: It does a body good.

There were a lot of different versions over the years but most of them revolved around a kid drinking milk and talking to themselves in front of a grey cloth backdrop.  Typically you had a pre-teen on one side of the screen drinking milk and talking about how they are unnoticed by an older teenager that they have a crush on.  But because they continue to guzzle this magical beverage over time it will single handedly turn them into a chiseled he-man or buxom beauty as they grow older.

Some of the claims were questionable at best and outright lies at worst.  Apparently milk will give you great hair and smooth skin.  If you’re a boy you’re going to develop into a powerhouse with excellent musculature and a low body fat percentage while also exploding in height.  If you’re female it’s going to cause your body to blossom into a more feminine shape than that you currently possess.  A truly powerful elixir indeed!

At some point in the 1990’s the campaign transition from this slogan to “Got Milk?” which was in my opinion a much more humorous campaign with a lot fewer fibs.  As a result these adverts and the slogan itself disappeared.  But for your viewing pleasure I’ve assembled a collection of links below so you can relive this misleading classic 80’s advertising campaign in all it’s glory!


One thought on “Milk: It Does a Body Good

  1. I totally remember these and the PSAs – I kinda miss those and it makes you wonder: who’s telling kids these days about all the dangers in the world? I gotta say that, for me, the one that was permanently etched in my memory is the one with the egg in the frying pan “this is your brain on drugs”. While I don’t think I was ever predisposed or especially likely to try drugs, this PSA definitely pushed me all the way to the I DON’T THINK SO side. 🙂


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