Retro Classics: Math = Inconsistency

Retro Classics is a collection of articles and web posts I have written in the past, re-published verbatim in their original form.  I have been writing about my hobbies on various “free” websites dating back to my days in high school.  Now a great deal of my topics of then current events would be considered retro themselves.  Some of these may only be amusing to me.  Others might have more broad appeal, but I really doubt that.  Enjoy!

Math = Inconsistency

(Originally Published 03/04/2002)

Any person who can sit at a desk, in a classroom, or in the laboratory, and accept math as fact, should be taken out into the wilderness and subjectively forced to watch reruns of “Mr. Belvedere” until images of Wessley fill their heads to a bursting point. Then, after watching a show with so many inconsistencies, they might begin to see them in the theory known as “mathematics”.

Math is just that, an inconsistant theory. It is filled with words such as “denomenators”, “factors”, and other such jibberish to get unsusspecting children to believe it and accept it as fact. Well I can say that China is full of muckluck. What does that mean? Nothing, which is exactly what math means to me.

For instance, 102 = 100. Ok, makes sense. But why is 100 = 1? IT CAN’T! If 10×0=0, then 100 is also 0. But no, the mathemeticians say it is 1. Of course they use some lame excuse to “prove” themselves correct, but the fact of the matter is they are not. This can be proven easily. If I have 10 crackers and I give them all to you 0 times, you wouldn’t have any crackers at all. Math, however, would have you believe that you end up with one cracker. BUT LOOK AT THE TABLE! You don’t have any freaking crackers! So as you can clearly see, math does not remain consistant.

In geometry, we learned that if two lines are on an intersecting course, at some point the two lines will intersect. However, we learn later that, while graphing tangents, there is a thing they call an assemptote. Evidentally, the graph will come infinately closer to the assemptote, but will never touch it. How can something continue to get closer but never actually touch? It is impossible, as we learn in geometry.

Therefore, I have come to the conclusion that math does not actually exist and is nothing more than a collection of inconsistant rules. I have also come to the conclusion that there must be some form of conspiracy behind the mathematics theory.

Historians would have you believe that ancient civilizations used advanced mathematics to erect their buildings and monuments. That is false. All they did was cut a bunch of sticks the same size and measure the area with sticks. Its easy to do when you have millions of slaves at your dissposal. Math is not here for the greater good. It is here to brain wash us into a more, and needlessly, complex way of doing things.

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