Summer of 1998 Part I: Introduction

Sammy Sosa #21

Carefree summer days as an adolescent.  Practically zero responsibility, late nights, plenty of time with friends, hours of solitude, and nurturing your many hobbies.  There are some advantages to being an adult; like living on your own.  That’s about it.  Sure you can vote, drink, and smoke, but I’d trade all of those freedoms in for the lack of stress and not having to shave.  Some of the best memories of my life are of summer vacations but one particular summer seems to stand out above the rest: the summer of 1998.

Summer of 1998 was the culmination of a perfect storm.  I was just old enough to be cognizant of the world around me, but young enough not to suffer from the insecurities and concerns of teenage life.  Although I earned enough money to purchase much of what I wanted I didn’t have a job to worry about and my responsibilities were few.  On top of that, the world around me was at it’s zenith: the economy was strong, television was great, pro wrestling was experiencing a boom period, video games were amazing, and although technology was starting to change our lives, it hadn’t permeated every facet of our existence at that point.

In this multipart series, I’m going to recount that magical summer of 1998 through my eyes, delving into multiple topics, recounting significant events, and generally explaining why that summer has had such a profound effect on my life.  Maybe you’ll find some common ground with me or I’ll touch on a topic that interests you.  Perhaps this entire series will be a waste of time for you and you’d rather I break down the significance of a  30 year old action figure.  Regardless, I’ve made up my mind and I’m going to move forward with this and see it through, if for no other reason than to chronicle one of the best summer’s of my life for my own future amusement.

Summer of 1998 Part II: TV

Summer of 1998 Part III: WWF

Summer of 1998 Part IV: WCW

Summer of ’98 Part V: Video Games

Summer of ’98 Part VI: Home Runs

Summer of ’98 Part VII: Technology

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