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Super RetroMania is essentially an outlet for my urge to write.  I’ve always enjoyed writing but unfortunately I’ve never worked in a profession where my writing has been put to good use.  Aside from sending carefully crafted emails to partially illiterate bosses and coworkers, or laboriously piecing together weekly newsletters for my fantasy hockey league that perhaps 7 other people actually read, I’ve never had much of a reason to write.  I’ve always had many hobbies and I’ve decided to take some of those hobbies that others may share and post nonsensical ramblings that strike my mood at the time.  In an effort to at least create some kind of cohesiveness I’ve decided to narrow my topics down to things that interested me as a child or a young adult.  Now don’t misconstrue that last sentence as me stating I no longer enjoy these things as that would be completely incorrect.  It just so happens that a lot of the things I still enjoy now are the same things I liked as a kid.  Hopefully while you’re here you find a topic enjoyable to you and can share in my experience.


My name is Eric.  I am in my 30’s and although I’ve maintained websites before, this is my first “real” website.  By that I mean it’s the first website that I decided to actually register a domain and go all in with.  In my teens I maintained several free websites on Angelfire and Geocities which mostly pertained to pro wrestling.  Some of them gained a slight degree of notoriety in the earlier days of the internet but one can only go so far with a free website and an address 116 characters long.  Back in those days it was not uncommon for websites to utilize frames, play midi music, and be loaded with obtrusive polls.  A lot has changed since then but I never kept up with the times and the basic HTML code I learned would be a real eyesore today.  As a result I hope the content of this website keeps everyone entertained because I’m sure I won’t win any awards with the layout.

Otherwise I enjoy vintage video games, computers, Lego sets, toys, movies, magazines, comics etc.  That is counterbalanced by avid weight lifting, playing organized hockey, and watching a lot of sports.  As a result my basement is a mishmash of stuff that seemingly doesn’t fit together.  Shelves full of boxed N64 games directly across from a weight lifting cage with Batman posters and Lego sets in a different direction.  To say my tastes are varied would be an immense understatement.


Eric: I’m the founder of this website and all of the “about” stuff you’ve read above is in reference to me.  Most of the content you find on here will be my doing unless I really start to slack off.

tps1983:  This guy’s name is Travis and he’s been a pal of mine since the 4th grade.  He has always been interested in writing and has a gift for it so I asked him to help me in this endeavor to add some content to the website and give it a different perspective and feel.  Travis is an avid movie enthusiast and has been since early childhood.  In addition to Hollywood topics encompassing movies and TV he also loves to discuss vintage video games.  By the time games went 3D his interest began to wane, but he can talk NES, SNES, Genesis, and Game Boy with anyone willing to discuss games made 20+ years ago.

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