Sega Genesis vs Super Nintendo

Fanboys of modern gaming consoles like to bicker about how their console handles the latest generic FPS game with better water transparency or with a few extra lines of microscopic pixels.  Forget the fact that 90% of the console libraries are shared.  In the early nineties the vitriol spewed against children who supported the competing … More Sega Genesis vs Super Nintendo

Reminiscing about Microsoft Windows 98

Microsoft Windows 95 was a landmark piece of software in the history of personal computing.  Not only was the marketing blitz itself far reaching and the media buzzing with hype, but the actual software delivered on most fronts introducing millions of people to the world of computing and eventually to their first experiences on the internet. … More Reminiscing about Microsoft Windows 98

Blow Mold Decorations

It’s December 1990.  The setting is south suburban St. Louis.  Our house is one of many single story brick ranch style homes lining our street.  Each house is approximately 1,200 square feet and built in the 1950’s during the Eisenhower administration when urban sprawl began.  It’s the very definition of a blue collar neighborhood and … More Blow Mold Decorations

The Three Stooges: Sing a Song of Six Pants (Columbia, 1947)

Sing a Song of Six Pants is the 102nd short subject film the Three Stooges produced for Columbia Pictures and features Shemp as the third Stooge.  Given it’s placement near the middle of the trio’s film run and the fact that it would colloquially be referred to as “a Shemp” by Stooge aficionado’s this episode … More The Three Stooges: Sing a Song of Six Pants (Columbia, 1947)