Gak (Mattel, 1992)

Nickelodeon debuted a children’s game show in the fall of 1986 called “Double Dare” which quickly became the most popular program on the network.  Most of the challenges contestants faced would get them messy in some shape or form with a green slime substance taking center stage.  Internally referred to as “gak”, the slime itself … More Gak (Mattel, 1992)

What About Bob? (Touchstone Pictures, 1990)

There are generally two character types that Bill Murray plays in his movies. There is the sarcastic asshole, and, occasionally, the well meaning goofball. The former was Bill Murray’s bread and butter throughout his career, the best example being Peter Venkman in Ghostbusters. He can be such a dick to people and yet we still … More What About Bob? (Touchstone Pictures, 1990)

McDonald’s Changeables

McDonald’s are marketing geniuses.  Rather than focusing on adults and the sparse few dollars they may spend on fast food they have endeavored to attract families.  Since children are typically difficult eaters McDonald’s managed to draw them in droves with an idea brilliant in it’s simplicity; include a toy with the meal.  Over the years billions of … More McDonald’s Changeables

Coliseum Video Rewind: WrestleFest 88 (WF058)

From 1985 until 1997 all of the official World Wrestling Federation home video releases were distributed by Coliseum Video.  This period was a golden age in both professional wrestling as well as home video as the rise of VHS coincided with the 1980’s professional wrestling boom.  As video stores popped up in every neighborhood, Coliseum … More Coliseum Video Rewind: WrestleFest 88 (WF058)

Creative Writing: Fly by the Seat of My Vintage Pants

BACKGROUND Every now and then I like to sit down and write about things in my everyday life that inspire me.  The following was written in response to a coworker of mine who showed up to work wearing some hilarious greenish brown pants that were kind of jeans but not really jeans.  Every time he wore … More Creative Writing: Fly by the Seat of My Vintage Pants

A Look Back at Wehrenberg Theatres (Part Deux)

My friend and associate Travis wrote a piece a few weeks ago about Wehrenberg Theatres and his memories about the chain.  Although I am nowhere near the movie fanatic that he is, I too reflect fondly on the movie chain and days gone by.  Although my patronage has nearly ceased as I moved out of the market over a … More A Look Back at Wehrenberg Theatres (Part Deux)