Nintendo 64: 20th Anniversary!

As I sit here and type this it’s difficult for me to believe that the Nintendo 64 is celebrating it’s 20th anniversary.  I began buying retro video games when the N64 was still being actively sold on store shelves and was considered contemporary.  Now the Nintendo 64 itself is considered retro which makes me feel … More Nintendo 64: 20th Anniversary!

Summer of ’98 Part V: Video Games

The late 1990’s was a special time in video game history.  The gaming industry was maturing, two dimensional graphics gave way to 3D worlds, technology was giving gamers experiences they never would have thought was possible previously, and there was intense competition between established game companies and a powerful newcomer.  For me personally the late … More Summer of ’98 Part V: Video Games

BOND 50 (MGM, 2012)

I’m not the biggest Bond fan out there.  In fact I’d say I’m nowhere in the vicinity of being considered a mega fan.  Since I was introduced to the franchise though Goldeneye and later became a fan through the Goldeneye video game I have thoroughly enjoyed the franchise and would catch the films on TV every … More BOND 50 (MGM, 2012)