R2-D2 (Kenner, 1995)

1995 was one of the biggest and most important years in the renaissance of the Star Wars phenomenon.  I have spoken at length about several aspects of this year ranging from the re-release of the trilogy in THX on VHS, to Dark Forces on the PC, to one of the most hideous and frightening looking … More R2-D2 (Kenner, 1995)

C-3P0 (Kenner, 1995)

2015 has been a nostalgic year for Star Wars.  For most casual fans the release of Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens later this month is the catalyst for the Star Wars nostalgia trip.  For me however the waters run much deeper.  True there is the long awaited non-George Lucas directed feature film coming … More C-3P0 (Kenner, 1995)