In Memory of George A. Romero

George A. Romero passed away last month at the age of 77, following a brief battle with lung cancer. It is difficult to overstate how much an impact he made on the horror genre. His effects are still felt to this day, perhaps now more than ever. The current horror landscape would not exist without … More In Memory of George A. Romero

McDonald’s Changeables

McDonald’s are marketing geniuses.  Rather than focusing on adults and the sparse few dollars they may spend on fast food they have endeavored to attract families.  Since children are typically difficult eaters McDonald’s managed to draw them in droves with an idea brilliant in it’s simplicity; include a toy with the meal.  Over the years billions of … More McDonald’s Changeables

Kool-Aid Points

Few things in life represent summer to me as much as Kool-Aid.  I grew up guzzling the multi-colored beverages to the point where my face had a permanently stained Kool-Aid mustache that made me look like Jack Nicholson’s Joker.  Days would pass where Kool-Aid was the only liquid I consumed.  Who could blame me?  Kid’s … More Kool-Aid Points