Star Wars: Shadows Over Christmas

When I was in middle school I would make sport of searching the house around Christmas time in an effort to uncover my gifts prior to the big day.  Perhaps I’m just not big on surprises but I would make it my quest to find as many presents as possible and enjoyed the foreknowledge of … More Star Wars: Shadows Over Christmas

Jurassic Park Electronic Command Compound (Kenner, 1993)

Jurassic Park was my Star Wars. When it first appeared in 1993, I was 10 years old. As you can imagine, that Christmas I asked for, and received, many Jurassic Park toys. With the previously reviewed Electronic T-Rex, and other miscellaneous dinosaurs, something was missing. The Electronic Command Compound pretty much brings everything together. You … More Jurassic Park Electronic Command Compound (Kenner, 1993)

WWF Sling ‘Em Fling ‘Em Wrestling Ring (LJN, 1985)

I briefly touched upon the WWF LJN figures in my feature on the Macho King Randy Savage figure. To summarize, from 1984 – 1989 toy company and terrible video game maker LJN had the rights to produce officially licensed WWF action figures and toys. What they released were very realistic looking but completely inarticulate large … More WWF Sling ‘Em Fling ‘Em Wrestling Ring (LJN, 1985)

Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country – The Official Movie Magazine (Starlog, 1991)

In my opinion, one of the best part of being a movie fan is the anticipation. Sometimes, the very idea of a movie that is coming up can be better than the movie that follows (Phantom Menace, anyone?). The hype leading up to movies can come from many different things. It usually starts with a … More Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country – The Official Movie Magazine (Starlog, 1991)

M.C. Kids (NES, 1992)

Back in 1992 Virgin Games released McKids for the Nintendo Entertainment System. The game was basically just an advertisement for McDonald’s restaurants with most of the gameplay elements revolving around imagery from the franchise. One thing I never understood is that the game is actually titled M. C. Kids. I’ve never eaten an M. C. … More M.C. Kids (NES, 1992)