In Defense of Physical Media

For most of my life, my family has had a huge video collection. When I was growing up, we had such a large collection of VHS tapes that it wouldn’t have been a stretch to invite people over and charge to rent out movies, turning our house into a makeshift video rental store. As the … More In Defense of Physical Media

Star Wars Limited Edition DVDs (20th Century Fox, 2006)

If there’s one thing I learned through the years about Lucasfilm, is that they are very shrewd when it comes to making money. I noticed that they came up with reasons to re-release the original trilogy on video and laserdisc. In 1995, it was the last time you could be able to own the original … More Star Wars Limited Edition DVDs (20th Century Fox, 2006)

BOND 50 (MGM, 2012)

I’m not the biggest Bond fan out there.  In fact I’d say I’m nowhere in the vicinity of being considered a mega fan.  Since I was introduced to the franchise though Goldeneye and later became a fan through the Goldeneye video game I have thoroughly enjoyed the franchise and would catch the films on TV every … More BOND 50 (MGM, 2012)