Groundhog Day (Columbia Pictures, 1993)

If I could list the most influential movies of the last 25 years, Groundhog Day would no doubt be one of them. If you’re like me, and a fan of any sci-fi shows in the past two decades, you have no doubt seen a “Groundhog Day” inspired episode of that series. The X-Files, Buffy The … More Groundhog Day (Columbia Pictures, 1993)

What About Bob? (Touchstone Pictures, 1990)

There are generally two character types that Bill Murray plays in his movies. There is the sarcastic asshole, and, occasionally, the well meaning goofball. The former was Bill Murray’s bread and butter throughout his career, the best example being Peter Venkman in Ghostbusters. He can be such a dick to people and yet we still … More What About Bob? (Touchstone Pictures, 1990)