Jakks Bone Crunching WWF Figures

When Hasbro and the World Wrestling Federation parted ways at the end of 1994 the WWF was without an action figure manufacturer for the first time since the company went national.  Throughout the dark days of 1995 the only WWF wrestlers on toy shelves were undesirable Hasbro leftovers in clearance bins and JusToys Bend ‘Em’s … More Jakks Bone Crunching WWF Figures

Give ‘Em A Brake

Summer is mainly known for vacations, swimming, blockbuster movies, and baseball but there is another summer ritual that none of us are particularly fond of: road construction.  Ever year when the days get longer and we’re  cruising down the highways of the nation en-route to our next summer adventure we start to see the flashing … More Give ‘Em A Brake

Smack ‘Em Whack ‘Em (Coliseum Video, 1993)

I’ve always been a collector of something, accumulating large quantities of various items that have interested me for years. Be it Lego sets, comic books, action figures, trading cards, it seems I was always pursuing a new addition to one of my various collections. Of all the things I’ve collected over the years I look … More Smack ‘Em Whack ‘Em (Coliseum Video, 1993)