Kelloggs Exclusive LEGO Sets (1990)

When I browse through the cereal aisle these days I don’t see much in the way of premiums.  Once a breakfast staple it seems that in box promotions or even mail away offers are few and far between.  Some people claim that it was dangerous to put small toys in a cereal box but I … More Kelloggs Exclusive LEGO Sets (1990)

Kool-Aid Points

Few things in life represent summer to me as much as Kool-Aid.  I grew up guzzling the multi-colored beverages to the point where my face had a permanently stained Kool-Aid mustache that made me look like Jack Nicholson’s Joker.  Days would pass where Kool-Aid was the only liquid I consumed.  Who could blame me?  Kid’s … More Kool-Aid Points