Ranking SummerSlam’s By Box Art

A few years ago I listed my favorite Royal Rumble boxes produced by Coliseum Video from best to worst.  Now that August is here it’s only fitting that I follow up that piece by giving SummerSlam the same treatment.  Although SummerSlam is probably considered the WWF (e)’s second biggest event of the year behind WrestleMania, historically I … More Ranking SummerSlam’s By Box Art

Smack ‘Em Whack ‘Em (Coliseum Video, 1993)

I’ve always been a collector of something, accumulating large quantities of various items that have interested me for years. Be it Lego sets, comic books, action figures, trading cards, it seems I was always pursuing a new addition to one of my various collections. Of all the things I’ve collected over the years I look … More Smack ‘Em Whack ‘Em (Coliseum Video, 1993)