Breaking Down My Childhood NES Collection

During a warm spring day in 1990 my mind was pre-occupied as I struggled to push through my half day of Kindergarten.  Although I generally enjoyed school at this young age I knew that something monumental was awaiting me at my grandparents’ house.  It was this year that my grandma began a tradition of letting … More Breaking Down My Childhood NES Collection

Peter Venkman Screaming Heroes (Kenner, 1989)

Columbia Pictures released Ghostbusters in June of 1984 and it was an immediate success at the box office. Fueled by a slick marketing campaign and a hit single with a popular music video that was constantly replayed on a then new MTV, Ghostbusters would become the most financially successful comedy of the 1980’s. That is … More Peter Venkman Screaming Heroes (Kenner, 1989)