Recon Robot #6889 (LEGO, 1994)

Going into the summer of 1994 when my friends asked me what I wanted for my birthday my response was concise; “LEGO space sets”.  As I approached the ten year anniversary of my birth I was hooked on the space theme and was eager to grab up everything TLG was producing that involved interstellar travel. … More Recon Robot #6889 (LEGO, 1994)

McDonald’s Changeables

McDonald’s are marketing geniuses.  Rather than focusing on adults and the sparse few dollars they may spend on fast food they have endeavored to attract families.  Since children are typically difficult eaters McDonald’s managed to draw them in droves with an idea brilliant in it’s simplicity; include a toy with the meal.  Over the years billions of … More McDonald’s Changeables

C-3P0 (Kenner, 1995)

2015 has been a nostalgic year for Star Wars.  For most casual fans the release of Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens later this month is the catalyst for the Star Wars nostalgia trip.  For me however the waters run much deeper.  True there is the long awaited non-George Lucas directed feature film coming … More C-3P0 (Kenner, 1995)