Sega Genesis vs Super Nintendo

Fanboys of modern gaming consoles like to bicker about how their console handles the latest generic FPS game with better water transparency or with a few extra lines of microscopic pixels.  Forget the fact that 90% of the console libraries are shared.  In the early nineties the vitriol spewed against children who supported the competing … More Sega Genesis vs Super Nintendo

Game Genie Video Game Enhancer (Galoob, 1990)

NES games were tough to beat. Even to this day there’s a term in the gaming community called “Nintendo Hard” to describe a particularly difficult game. Sometimes the game was challenging but fair such as Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out. Other times the game was prohibitively lengthy without a save or password feature as is the case … More Game Genie Video Game Enhancer (Galoob, 1990)

M.C. Kids (NES, 1992)

Back in 1992 Virgin Games released McKids for the Nintendo Entertainment System. The game was basically just an advertisement for McDonald’s restaurants with most of the gameplay elements revolving around imagery from the franchise. One thing I never understood is that the game is actually titled M. C. Kids. I’ve never eaten an M. C. … More M.C. Kids (NES, 1992)