Retro Classics: The Flaws of Sports Entertainment

Retro Classics is a collection of articles and web posts I have written in the past, re-published verbatim in their original form.  I have been writing about my hobbies on various “free” websites dating back to my days in high school.  Now a great deal of my topics of then current events would be considered … More Retro Classics: The Flaws of Sports Entertainment

Smack ‘Em Whack ‘Em (Coliseum Video, 1993)

I’ve always been a collector of something, accumulating large quantities of various items that have interested me for years. Be it Lego sets, comic books, action figures, trading cards, it seems I was always pursuing a new addition to one of my various collections. Of all the things I’ve collected over the years I look … More Smack ‘Em Whack ‘Em (Coliseum Video, 1993)

WWF Sling ‘Em Fling ‘Em Wrestling Ring (LJN, 1985)

I briefly touched upon the WWF LJN figures in my feature on the Macho King Randy Savage figure. To summarize, from 1984 – 1989 toy company and terrible video game maker LJN had the rights to produce officially licensed WWF action figures and toys. What they released were very realistic looking but completely inarticulate large … More WWF Sling ‘Em Fling ‘Em Wrestling Ring (LJN, 1985)